Linus Smithson

A bitter old soldier with a chip on his shoulder


Linus is a 65 year old man of average height, a bit on the thin side. His hair and beard have long since gone gray; his skin is like leather. Linus rarely smiles and his expression is difficult to read.

He wears copper colored armor along with amber tinted goggles and a hat to keep off the sun. He wields a long spear and a rifle.


A long time ago, probably before you were even born, Linus was a paladin of Bahamut, serving in the Divine Alliance. He was young, idealistic, and intended to change the world for good.

But he saw first hand the corruption, abuse of power, and greed that had crept into the church. He came to a breaking point and rebelled against his superiors in an effort to protect the innocent. As a result, he languished for years in prison.

Then the Groundbreaker Wars began. Armies of Drow were coming up from the earth’s crust, attacking cities and villages. Soldiers were needed, fast. So the paladins released the prisoners to fight as “chain gangs” of foot soldiers. Linus found himself in one such group, chained to the other prisoners, armed with nothing but a pitchfork.

Somehow, he survived the war. Hiding his identity, he became a guard in the very prison where he languished, biding his time.

Now he is bitter and old. Life has dealt him a bad hand of cards, repeatedly. He’s lost the idealism of his youth and expects that things will generally go bad. But there is still a spark somewhere deep inside. If he can just find an opportunity to help somebody out, maybe it will make up for all the terrible things that have happened in his life.

Linus Smithson

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