Sally Jones

A cheerful and optimistic young nun


Sally is in her late twenties. She’s of average height and build with dark red hair and a cheerful face.


Sally is a follower of Bahamut. Along with several other nuns, she runs the Sister’s Safe House for Battered and Abused Women. It’s a small run down place in a bad area of town. They have rooms where troubled woman can stay, get a meal, and find someone to talk to.

She has a very cheerful and optimistic personality, despite having seen much hardship herself. She always has a smile and a kind word, and she tries to make the most of every situation.

She is herself a victim of abuse. She was once married to a paladin who would beat her. She left him and started the safe house in order to help out other women in similar situations.

Unbeknownst to her, she is the niece of Linus Smithson. She thinks that he is nothing more than a gruff old war veteran who occasionally stops by to help out and gives generously to her ministry from his meager guardsman wages.

Sally Jones

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