The Divine Alliance


The Divine Alliance is a fantasy-steampunk religious organization that worships a subset of a pantheon of gods. It represents an alliance between the gods Bahamut, Corellon, and Ioun. It is a highly structured organization rife with opportunities for politics, intrigue, and corruption. At the same time, it harbors small pockets of faithful followers who are sincere in their devotion to their gods and seek to make a difference in the lives of the common people. The Divine Alliance is large, powerful, and a force to be reckoned with.

A Brief History

About 1,500 years ago, a star fell from the sky bringing with it a corruption that turned members of any race into beings known as Star People. Their skin turned midnight black and was covered with pinpoints of starry light. These beings banded together to form a terrifying army that ravaged the known world.

At that time, worship of the gods was simple. People erected small shrines in their honor, celebrated light hearted festivals, and told epic stories about their deeds. In the midst of this new threat, three young and devout adventurers appeared claiming to have a revelation from the gods. Bahamut, Corellon, and Ioun had appeared, one god to each follower, and instructed them to band together to face this new threat.

Dominic Ironheart was a follower of Bahamut and a talented general. He gathered followers of Bahamut to form the core of the new army.

Elandra Minnover was a disciple of Corellon. She gathered his followers bringing spellcasters and powerful rituals. In particular, her band of merry folk became known as the Battle Minstrels who march to war with their musical instruments.

Isaac Cartwright followed Ioun. Along with her followers, he brought insightful tactics to the battle as well as clever weapons. Catapults, siege engines, bows that could shoot further, and new alloys for forging stronger weapons and armor.

Together, they formed the Divine Alliance. With their army, the fought the War of the Stars, which lasted for eighteen years. Finally, they defeated the Star People. Rather than disband, they decided to maintain the alliance in order to benefit all people.

At first, they did just that. They brought healing, laughter, and knowledge to a bleak world. They established halls of justice, universities, and beautiful temples to the gods. The alliance grew in numbers and power.

Over time, men who desired power rose in the ranks. While some remained faithful, many got caught up vying for power or observing meaningless rituals. Soon, worship of the other gods became discouraged. Justice in the court system was perverted. The knowledge taught in the universities was used for terrible purposes. And the culture of beauty and art became a playground for the rich and powerful who were more concerned with status and wealth than joy and happiness.


The Divine Alliance operates based on a strict hierarchy.

The Divine Speaker is the head responsible for bringing unity and interpreting the will of the Gods. When he dies, a new speaker is chosen from among the archbishops which often results in political strife.

The Archbishop of Order represents Bahamut. His armies and court systems are responsible for the peace and oppression in the world.

The Archbishop of Beauty servers Corellon. He oversees the regulation of sorcery and magical items as well as making sure that all church buildings elegantly adorned and all ceremonies include captivating music and dancing.

The Archbishop of Knowledge follows Ioun. He builds and funds universities and keeps an accurate history of the church. He also funds research, much of which has led to the latest technologies like gun powder, electricity, and the steam engine. He has special tactical units that have training beyond that of normal soldiers.

The Divine Alliance

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