This is a land of Fantasy, where Swords and Sorcery cross with Rifle and Science.

The world is different, older now. No longer do people hide in tiny villages as a refuge from an unknown land fraught with peril and dangerous beasts. Large cities dominate the landscape with towering structures, connected by rail with a healthy population flow to and fro. The most lowly peasant has risen in economic circles enough to become the industrial worker.

However, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

Dangerous flora and fauna still inhabit the wilds that separate the beings of the world. Not everyone has flocked to the cities and many resent their encroachment and assimilation of unique cultures and peoples. Despite the presence of public transportation between areas, horseback and of course, feets are still the most common mode of transportation for those without coin. And despite the uplifting of the peasant class, they are still low as ever in social circles.

And of course, skilled individuals still accept money to do dangerous or illegal acts.

Despite some constants, change is coming again. The problem is that sometimes change is brought on a tide of blood. Destiny and the meddling of Gods is being debated, and at times like this, all it takes is the fear and ignorance of a powerful populace to make sure that blood will dye the world crimson.

Nevertheless, a few individuals, locked in a Freedom Hold near the town of New Ankh are going to be thrust into this developing mess. Whether or not they will drown in the undertow or ride the wave to shore is up to them.

The Lord of the Return of the Revenge of the Something Epic!

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